About Us

Has it ever crossed your mind to launch a brand or a product, but you weren’t quite sure whether it would pass the two-year mark? Perhaps you’ve already made it, but your website isn’t performing as you expected it to? Perhaps your online store was destined for success, but it’s not quite there yet? Is something hindering people from completing the purchase journey, or are they not finding your services at all? Uber? What about my idea? You’ve had an idea for an app but haven’t just quite put pen to paper yet? Or have you had a memorable experience with an agency that was too busy working away to pick up your calls and answer your mails, whilst taking their time?

Over the past 10 years, mohi.to has been doing the legwork, gaining experience through various Client challenges. All to become, the passionate and forward-thinking interactive agency that helps ambitious brands navigate the digital world today.

  + branding

We’ve had the pleasure to help companies and institutions such as: Answear.com, Domodi, Primamoda, Nokia, Jones Lang Lasalle, Starwood Hotels & Resorts, Chancellery of the Prime Minister, Ministry of Foreign Affairs. You’re thinking those are quite big brands? We’re also incredibly proud of working with slightly smaller boutique brands, such as Rextron, Bittersweet Paris, Richter and Dare, all which have been incredibly satisfying to work on.

All these projects are a combination of little things that are important to us:

  • We co-created business and products that actually WORK, and people know and love.
  • We’ve been trusted by our Clients along the way.
  • The Clients understand the value of a strong brand, good design and are eager to take risks and seize the opportunities offered by the digital world.

Why us?

There are many good agencies on the market, and it wouldn’t really be our style to say ‘pick me, pick me’, we’re the best. But what we can say is, that we’ve learnt with experience, with every project and we’re always looking for new and innovative ways to bring you to success. If you’re still reading this, we must have said something right. We believe in partnerships, working with people who share are beliefs and values and are willing to that little risk to go that one step further.

Our views

We believe that time is precious, and it’s not worth devoting hours and hours of it on just any project. We joined this industry to CREATE. There’s no greater disappointment, than projects that never see the light of day. We care about your success, and equally, we like to be PROUD of our work. We’d like to toast to our success at the end of a project, and who knows, we might even show you how to drink tequila with your eye.

Our values

Let us tell you a little story.

We once worked on a branding project and when we went to present our progress to the Client, everyone was incredibly enthusiastic about the various ideas and solutions we had come up with. The couldn’t have been more excitement in the room about what was yet to come. And then something bizarre happened, the CEO of the company asked us a question, we weren’t ready to hear: ‘Wouldn’t you like more money for your work?’.

Our faces could not have been surprised. This was probably one of the most valuable lessons in our professional lives. The company in question, was founded on the strong fundamental values. Not just a couple of values someone had scribbled on a sheet of paper one morning and stacked away, very much the opposite. The company lived and breathed these values, making sure all their decisions were line with their values and that they weren’t just there for the sake of ticking a company checklist. Perhaps this isn’t always the best approach, however, it’s one we’ve surely adopted and proudly so.


It’s all about good relationships here at mohi.to. By that we don’t only mean good client relationships, caught you there (!), we also greatly valuable positive relationships amongst our employees, family and friends. We’ve previously advised clients against certain projects or activities if we thought, that ultimately, they would not benefit from them in the long run. At mohi.to, it’s about doing the right thing and keeping people happy whilst doing it. We do not tolerate assholes. Everyone around us deserves to be treated with integrity, honesty and respect.

Always proud

If something is worth doing, it’s worth doing it right. Regardless of what it is, whether it’s a website that will be used by millions of users, or whether it’s an advertising banner for a startup. We treat our client’s projects as we would our own. Over the years, we’ve worked on hundreds of projects, always gaining experience for what is yet to come. One thing we can tell you, is that the successful ones, all had something in common. You can always rely on us to point out any mistakes that we may have already encountered. For us, it’s about doing things right rather than shoving projects out the door for the sake of an invoice. We want to be proud of our work. Always.

Make it better

Before sending any part of a project to the Client, we ask ourselves: ‘Is there anything we can do to make it better?’. We’re not shy when it comes to saying, there’s always room for improvement. We’re not satisfied with something being just ‘OK’. To be completely honest, it’s probably cost us a small fortune here and there, refining and adding that little bit ‘extra’ to projects. Setting the bar higher each time, is something that we do to stay on top of the rate at which technology is changing, and it’s the only way we ensure that our Clients are always that one step ahead. Continuous development is one of our values we hold true for both our Clients and our employees, both must be willing and open to tweaking and refining the work continuously.

Open communication

Branding is part a focal part of building relationships. The basis of every successful relationship, whether that’s between people or between a business and their customers, is communication. Good communication is based not only on candour, but also on the way that we communicate things and making sure these have been received correctly. Whenever we’ve had problems in the company, with Clients or internal, communication is mostly to blame. Almost any issue can be resolved with an open conversation. We prefer to hear the truth, and also tell the truth, rather than an indirect alternative to what was meant to be said. We’ll always tell the truth, we’ll promise you that, so we’d ask for you to do so too.

Our process

If something makes us unique, it is our process. We believe that in a today’s world it’s much easier to succeed as a company that understands the strength of bold and brave brand.