We love it when we get approached by deeply passionate people. For people like that, business is more than just a way to make money, it's a way of life. In this case, our mission was to launch a new brand for a specialty tea and coffee store.


We went the whole nine yards here—from coming up with a new name through designing the logo, the key visual, the packaging, and online store layouts, up to launching a dedicated Google AdWords campaign. Each stage presented us with its own distinct set of challenges, but the delicious coffee gave us strength and the tea kept us inspired.

A Name Like Sunday Morning

We began with the naming process. Looking for a new brand name is always exciting. Sipping on our morning coffees and teas, at one point we decided to check out how a fusion of popular coffee and tea names would work—after much deliberation we settled on Earl Grey and mocha. Then we simplified the spelling to make it easier to read. Plus, both names imply a color—gray and beige, which in turn gave us one of the brand colors. The client was very fond of our concept, and we got the go-ahead to move on to the next stage.

Inimitable Character

The selected name inadvertently sounds like the name of a woman and, as luck would have it, it became a sort of moniker for the female owner of the store we were working for. So we ultimately decided that using cursive is the only way to go—and the result is a delicate, highly unique logotype.

Feminine Patterns and Practical Monogram

The idea for the floral motif as an additional element of the brand’s visual identity was conceived very organically. We all either know or have floral-patterned china or festive linens that go perfectly with a cup of tea and a slice of cake. To make the pattern more modern and fresh, we overlaid it with the brand owner’s favorite color. The monogram, on the other hand, will be perfect as a stamp, sticker, or a subtle way to sign a photograph or a blog post.