We knew that working with the Chancellery of the Prime Minister of Poland (KPRM) will be an unusual experience from the very first day. Our designs would have to be not only elegant, tasteful, but also politically correct. We felt a huge responsibility bear down us, but in the end that didn’t stifle our creativity in any way.


Most of the design work for the KPRM involved infographics to a lesser or greater extent. Thus, we decided that clarity of message would be paramount—in this case, magnetic design would be a means to an end.

House of Kids

One of the bigger projects we delivered for the KPRM involved developing the visuals for a very special event—every year, Children’s Day celebrations are held in the KPRM gardens, with individual ministries organizing thematic screenings and workshops.

Signage and Identification

To make it easier for visitors to move around the KPRM grounds and facilitate the flow of information from organizers to attendees, we designed ID badges, information signage, flyers, and a map.


Kids hate wasting time. And they won’t find any join in wandering aimlessly among strangers. That’s why a clear and informative map is an essential weapon in the parental arsenal.

What Kind of PM Would You Make?

A custom wall featuring a picture of the Prime Minister’s Chair was very popular among the visitors. Every one of them could, if for a moment, picture themselves the Prime Minister and give themselves more gravitas, as befits a major politician, by wearing dignified glasses or a respectable moustache.

A Night at the Chancellery

Mysteries and secrets are best unearthed at night. This has been the premise that has driven the Long Night of Museums to international success. The KPRM event allowed visitors to take a behind-the-curtain look at what the job of top-ranking government officials entails, sit in their chairs, and even take part in a press conference.

Special Reminders

We should all take care to remember important anniversaries and holidays, such as Grandparents Day, but they usually slip our minds in the chaos of everyday life. The Chancellery tries to remind its fans of upcoming important days. For these infographics, we chose a comforting and friendly illustration-like design style.

Authority Figure

Very few public figures could ever dream live up to the standard set by Władysław Bartoszewski. His conduct commanded profound respect and inspired generation after generation. Thanks to KRPM, we had the opportunity to deliver a couple of projects related to that remarkable individual.

A Very Special Birthday

In 2015, Władysław Bartoszewski celebrated his 93rd birthday. To mark the occasion, the KPRM organized a drive collecting birthday wishes for Bartoszewski from Poles across the country. Afterwards, the collected well wishes were printed and presented to the Professor in the form a beautifully bound book.

A Year of Intense Work

We also developed a couple of news templates for publication on social media channels and a bevy of infographics for a variety of occasions. We also produced a handful of animations for the Chancellery.

Our collaboration with the KPRM lasted a whole year. Throughout those twelve months, we delivered a couple of big and a host of smaller projects, all of them developed in very open, welcoming atmosphere and in a spirit of honest communication. We can safely say that our collaboration with the KPRM topped our internal poll for Best Client of 2015. Agnieszka, Asia, Monika, Adam—a very heartfelt “Thank you!”