Neurosoft had made its home on the intersection of business and science. The solutions they develop make extensive use of AI technologies. Neurosoft approached us to help them overhaul their brand’s visual identity. Its previous iteration, rather fearlessly drawing strongly on 90s aesthetics, had to go and had to go fast. ;)


We knew that on the one hand the brand’s new identity should be professional and serious, but on the other we wanted it to be bold, fresh, and innovative. We began by designing a simple logo, almost ascetic yet still functional, and directly referencing the brand’s previous logotype.

Neural Network

The company name is derived from the artificial neural network that the company uses extensively in their operations. We decided to base the brand’s new visual identity around the neural network theme.

One Thing Leads to Another

The neural network theme was also used on the all the company’s printed materials and stationery. Additionally, we designed a complementary motif—a geometric grid composed of simplified logos joined with diagonal lines.

Boosting Brand Awareness the Smart Way

Consistent communication is absolutely crucial in building brand awareness designed a range of brand-related and promotional content and materials to help Neurosoft acquire new staff on the highly competitive Wrocław IT market.

Trade Fairs, Talks, Meetups

In 2014, Neurosoft was selected as a finalist for the Award for Innovation at the European Business Awards. Currently, the company continues to make appearances at trade fairs, congresses, and a bevy of industry events. Together, we put every effort into making the brand instantly recognizable at these events and making it stand out from the competition.

Neural Accessories

The visual identity we designed gave us considerable creative freedom in terms of developing a variety of promotional materials. A neural net can basically span any object in any way we see fit. As a result, Neurosoft is now easily recognizable even when the brand logo isn’t eminently visible.

Consistent Product Identity

The brand overhaul also included efforts to develop the visual identity for individual Neurosoft products.

Product Line Branding

For each separate product line, we developed dedicated illustrations where the picture is formed by cleverly arranged neural network elements—another ingenious way of using the brand’s key visual.

Responsive Website

Usually, the website is the first point of contact with the brand for most clients put every effort into designing and developing the Neurosoft website to be irresistibly beautiful and original.

see the website

Effects Matching the Content

When designing the website, we polished down every last detail to pull the visitors in and encourage them to browse through and acquaint themselves with the site.


We began designing the website by developing a somewhat unusual mockup. Unusual, because it was designed already inside the browser and featured a surprisingly high degree of graphical detail. Thanks to this unconventional approach, we were able to demonstrate—very early on in the process—not only what the website will look like, but also how it’s going to FUNCTION.

Z We commissioned the team to completely overhaul the visual identity of our brand. The founders of pitched us so successfully, that they outclassed their competition already during our first meeting. Their highly original thinking, pushing the envelope of creativity itself, allowed them to refashion our old image into a new, distinctly innovative and consistent brand identity which still managed to reference our history. Working with them was pure pleasure. They can fine-tune their communication style to fit the client. Currently, they’re the ones telling us what we need, while we feel that they’re reading our minds. I wouldn’t recommend hiring the crew, because we’d like to keep all of them just to ourselves. ;)

Karol Gajda, Marketing Manager at Neurosoft