Printed Materials

From the earliest stages of this project, we knew that designing and producing the printed materials would require us to carefully select materials to match the industry we were dealing with, and that meant an opportunity to work with high-grade papers and gilding.


Blacks, whites, golds; simplicity and sophistication. This is the “raw material” we were dealing with when we began designing the PMTH website.

We also knew that we can’t overload the site with too much information, we had to make it clean enough for the visitor to be able to quickly find the information they need.

We decided to implement a simple navigation system and enrich the browsing by experience using beautiful photography and more pronounced orange/copper accents.

Responsive Web Design

Adapting the website for viewing on mobile device is an absolute standard in modern web design. The last item on our agenda covered designing the menus, modifying the layout to better fit smaller screens, and running rigorous tests on a plethora of mobile devices.