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It’s no secret, that every modern-day company has to find a way to effectively communicate with their customers online. If you feel that you might be something wrong, that your activity is random and chaotic, you’ve come to the right place.


Have you ever wondered why we grow such strong bonds with some brands over others? Why the guy next door tattooed a Harley Davidson logo on his shoulder? Successful brands are those that distinguish themselves from others by building an emotional bond with their audience. Here’s what we do to help your brand stand out:

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Case studies
  • Competitive analysis
  • Brand strategy
  • Communication strategy
  • Logo design
  • Brand guidelines
  • Key Visual
  • Graphic design

Web design & development

We’re here to develop a website to meet your needs. From simple marketing websites to complex corporate websites. When designing a website, we always focus on the business’s goals, providing the user with the best experience and highlighting the brand’s uniqueness, and here’s how:

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Case studies
  • Information architecture
  • UX design
  • Graphic design
  • Front-end development
  • Back-end development
  • Corporate websites
  • E-commerce stores
  • Wordpress
  • Shopify

Mobile applications

We design and build mobile applications for both iOS and Android. Designing beautiful and intuitive interfaces that we test with focus groups before the big reveal. To ensure that it is in fact a big reveal, we make sure that it doesn’t drown in an ocean of similar apps, equipping it with a strong and clear brand at launch.

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Case studies
  • UX design
  • UI design
  • Product Design
  • Design Sprint


Stworzyłeś markę i kanały sprzedaży Twoich produktów i usług, ale telefony jakoś się nie urywają, a zamówienia nie spływają? A może większość Twoich klientów trafia do Ciebie z polecenia i marketing nie jest Ci potrzebny? Jeśli nie masz nic przeciwko większej liczbie klientów, czytaj dalej.

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Case studies
  • PPC
  • Remarketing
  • SEO
  • SEM
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media

Cheers to Digital Brands

In times like these, we ask ourselves, how did ToysRUs go bankrupt!? But actually, the answer is quite simple. They completely ignored their online presence. Unfortunately, they’re not the only ones that face a similar fate. Over the next couple of years, we’ll be watching the largest of companies struggle and trying to adapt. This internet thing, it’s going nowhere. At mohi.to, we’re here to make sure that your brand thrives in the digital age, embracing and future proofing it at every step of the way.

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Our process

01. Branding

We we aim to understand your business, the competitive environment, any challenges you might be facing and the long-term ambitions. We’ll create a comprehensive brand strategy with its own unique differentiator, a distinctive brand personality and we’ll try to find the answers to your Client’s wants and needs. Once we’ve got all that figured, then we can sit down and talk design. From the logo, brand guidelines, key visuals, to how your brand should translate into social media posts across various channels. These fundamentals set the tone of all other activities that you might want to activate in the future.

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02. Web design & development

We create websites that will help your brand tell its own unique story. During the discover, we’ll try to understand your user and plan his online journey in a way, that they are able to swiftly and easily about to find what they are looking for. We test our hypotheses with real people using interactive prototypes. The design of your website will be a strong representation of your brand, ensuring that there are enough motives to convey the emotions your brand stands for. Even a quick look at your website’s analytics, you’ll be quick to tell that the majority of users are using mobiles and tablets. Therefore, we’ll make sure that your website is accessible via all devices and loads just as quickly as you’d expect it to.

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03. Apps

Thought about creating an app? However, you weren’t sure how to get financing or had doubts whether your app will survive in this competitive market? 10 days, that’s enough time for us to build a quick interactive prototype that you’ll be able to present to a potential investor or verify your assumptions with user testing. We design and develop mobile applications for both iOS and Android, as well as web applications such as SPA (Single Page Applications). Check out our mobile app pricing calculator.

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04. Marketing

Building a website, an e-commerce store or an app, are just at the beginning of the road to success. The next step is to make sure that people are actually using it. We specialize in online marketing and will help you plan the what, who, when and where of your brand presence. We will develop a content strategy, manage AdWords, remarketing and advertising on social media across Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. So many words, that our expert copywriters will take care of for you, all audited by our trusted partners from the SEO industry who will help us climb to the top of those organic search results.

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05. Analytics and conversion optimization

Best left to the end. You might remember John Wanameker's famous quote ”Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don't know which half”. Luckily this problem is much smaller when it comes to online marketing, as the effectiveness of most of the user’s actions can be measured. You can quickly determine which activities are the ones bringing actual results. With the help of conversion optimization, we will help you achieve even better results all within the same budget.

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