Branding Agency specializes in digital branding services. It may sound a little pretentious, but we’re genuinely living through one of the greatest civilizational upheavals in the history of mankind. The digital revolution has thoroughly reshaped the way we communicate—with each other and with brands, too.

In most cases, all of that communication has shifted online. Whether we like it or not, smartphones, tablets, and computers have more or less taken over our lives. Is your company’s profile unique enough to leave no one indifferent? Are your online efforts well-planned and thoroughly coordinated or random, haphazard, and occasional?

Digital + branding

Each day we’re flooded with thousands of messages from advertisers and brands, online and off. Only very distinct, expressive, and memorable brands will be able to establish a lasting emotional connection with customers. And nowadays, more often than not, that initial conversation between a brand and its audience takes place primarily online. Not only that—some brands have gone so far as to adopt a “digital-only” approach. We believe that every website, app, or marketing effort can yield added value when backed by a strong, bold brand.

Brand Strategy

How to build a brand so unique that will stand clearly apart from the competition, how to direct marketing and communications to reach the biggest possible audience? A well-designed brand strategy answers these questions and many more.

Verbal Communications

Nothing makes a brand as unique as a distinctive voice. Learn what words should your marketing communication focus on and which you should avoid, how to manage social media communications, and what brands should be saying to retain their customers’ attention.

Visual Communication

Not only does your brand need to speak in a particular manner, it needs a look that your audience will react to. Good visual branding is bold, uncompromising, and emotive, it stands apart from the competition and communicates values. At this stage, we design a logo, select appropriate typography and color palettes, we also produce a brand book and a key visual—a guide through the brand’s visual language and a set of rules outlining how to use and combine the letters making up the brand’s visual alphabet.

Brand Development and Maintenance

Most brands stay with us long-term. We help them maintain consistency in communication and handle the challenges that come their way. Branding is, in most cases, a continuous process. Here at, we’re proponents of the idea of Brand Care—a comprehensive management effort spanning from the brand’s inception to its success. We’re very mindful of the fact that brands need support and have to flexible enough to react and adapt to change.

Our process

01. Analysis

This initial stage is key to the success of the entire endeavor. Its goal is to define the problem—establish where the brand is and determine where it wants to be. All work on the problem begins with what we call a Brand Workshop. Usually, company personnel tasked with brand management is aware of what a given brand’s problem is, but Brand Workshops allow us to flesh it out together. The workshops also facilitate the decision process behind developing brand strategies and visual communications plans. They also provide the design group with a common language that makes all communication regarding brand identity much easier. This, in turn, helps with making decisions on brand communication, design, and identity.

02. Strategy

Having defined problems and objectives, we can now move on to the planning and implementation stage. A long-term plan should revolve a single central concept (often called a Big Idea in the branding industry). A good strategy should be simple enough to be explained by every employee of the company. It should be rooted in the company’s mission, vision, values, and a profound understanding of the customers’ needs and pain points. Strategy also defines what makes the company stand out and positions it properly.

03. Creation

This stage is based on knowledge obtained in the course of the two prior stages and serves as the culmination of the process. When we know what problems we have to deal with, what objectives we have to accomplish and what sort of image do we want to project, we can finally move on to the final step. Before we begin, however, we still need to make sure that we’re not bound by limitations/decrees with regard to execution, stemming from the strategy, for example, or the visual branding of the principal brand. Are there any technical constraints we have to deal with (eg. we know that the logo will have to be reproduced on difficult materials, such as leather). Our process of creating a new brand or rebranding (or, alternatively, a brand lifting) usually looks something like this: we start with naming and crafting a claim, then move on to develop the mission slogan, designs for the logo, ephemerals, and draft the brand’s visual identity.

Selected branding case studies


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