Your website’s ready for launch. Congratulations. You just posted a billboard up in a forest. How do you make everyone see it?

What can you do to pull more traffic in? Are you planning on promoting your new company, new product, new service? Do you want to boost your traffic and improve sales in your online store? Digital is the best place to spend your marketing budget. First and foremost, because in most cases you will be able to measure the effectiveness of your efforts. Second, because the attention of your target audience is already locked on the glowing rectangles we all carry around in our pockets. Seriously, look around you—how many of your friends told you about something they saw on TV? When was the last time someone brought a newspaper to work? Do you remember any of the billboards you pass on your commute?

Meaningful Digital Strategy

What does marketing look like in your company—are you running long-term, well-planned, and monitored efforts or is it more of a haphazard process where you’re trying the same things everyone else is. If your marketing operation resembles incidental sprints rather than a well-planned marathon, we can help you fix things. Learn what exactly can we do to help and tell us a little more about your business.

Sponsored Links and Remarketing

Nobody clicking on your Google sponsored ads? Your AdWords campaign produced nothing but a pack of random leads? Tried Facebook Ads already, but the effort didn’t bring in any new business? Or maybe you have an Instagram campaign, but you’re not running A/B tests to assess which version of the ads produce higher conversion rates? Do you want to boost your YouTube subscriber count? Or maybe just increase general brand awareness?

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Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing

If you ever hired the services of a SEO firm, there’s a 90% chance you went through one of the following: a) you climbed in rank, but after Google changed the algorithm, you dropped from the first page of the search results like a rock; b) you paid the agency a retainer fee for a couple of “simple” phrases that failed to generate any leads, while the more difficult phrases never even made it into the top 10; c) the agency failed to live up to any expectations and you started looking for a replacement six months in. What can you do to have your website make the first page of the search results and stay there for good?

Content marketing

One of the hottest trends in marketing in recent years. What sort of content should you publish in order to make your audience eager to read it? Is your company blog simply a notice board where you advertise your services or a source of valuable and free knowledge that can be taken advantage of by both your clients and competition? What content fits your particular industry best, where should you publish it and how often? We’ll help you devise a comprehensive content marketing strategy and draft relevant content to execute it—articles, photographs, video, infographics, and reports.

Social media

You may be suspicious of social media and avoid setting up or using your Facebook profile, but one thing is certain—if your company’s not on social media, you’re missing out big time. Although you may think that social media outlets aren’t a good fit for your company, believe us when we say that success in that field is often the product of using them in a creative manner. We’ll devise a social media strategy for you, help you produce relevant content, and configure and monitor advertising campaigns on social media channels.

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