Designing iOS and Android Applications

Are you wondering whether you should have a dedicated mobile app for you store? Well, you may be thinking that the mobile version of your website is doing a good enough job, but maybe we can convince you otherwise:

The iOS and Android apps we’ve helped developed for have been chosen as the preferred sales channel for the brand by over 40% of its clients within six months of release. The average value of the shopping cart in the app is over 25% higher than on the mobile website and 9% than on the desktop website. Browsing the store in the app, the clients looked at, on average, three times the number of products than on the desktop. Still so sure that you don’t need an app?

How To Make Your App Stand Out From 1.5M Others

The App Store and the Google Play store are chock full of applications no one wants to download and one in four of those downloaded are opened only once and quickly uninstalled. Why? Mostly because of poor UX—unintelligible navigation, overly complicated usage, lack of intuitive controls, unappealing interface design, bland and unimaginative brand. Have you committed enough time to really learn about your users, learn what motivates them, what they fear, what they strive for? Does your application truly STAND APART from the competition—not only in the functional sense, but what sort of need does it satisfy that other apps don’t?

A Good Brand

If your brand is able to establish an emotional bond with its target customer base, then your chances of it being referred increase fourfold. For example, we’ve been telling our clients for years now what a great tool Basecamp is. We’ve been so insistent in our praises that people usually think that we’re in some paid referral program. Does your application communicate with your users the right way—are the visuals and the messaging tailored to fit your target customer base?

UX Design

There’s a lot you need to take into account when designing the interface for an application—ergonomy, the circumstances in which the app will be used, menu labels, descriptions, buttons, the fact whether it’s the first time the app is used, whether the navigation is simple and intuitive, whether the interface will be familiar to users from their respective iOS and Android ecosystems. Putting enough effort into these details may eliminate any potential future frustration that your users may have suffered otherwise. And user frustration is the absolute last thing we’d want, right?

Usability tests

Why guess when you can be sure? Our “We think it’s gonna be fine” and your “But I never log in using Facebook” aren’t exactly worth much, especially when compared with the information that we can obtain through straightforward tests with a couple of real-life users. Why invest in graphic design and development if we’re not exactly sure that our solutions will work like we’d want them to.

Interface Design

Mobile app cost calculator

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